Thursday, April 23, 2009

Before you get to all the fun stuff I want to make sure everyone knows this space is run by me. I will not allow any spamming on my space. If you do spam you will be banned and not allowed to come back on or contact me again. Please save both of us the time! For those of you who are a bit curious about me I decided to write this so you can get to know me a little better.My name is Nina Mercedez AKA Mercedez, I was born in Corpus Christi, TX on November 10th so I am a scorpio. I'm 5'6" and my bust is a 34DD, my waist is 25 inches, my hips are 34. I am of Mexican decent and I am very proud of it. My grandmother is Italian, her parents both from Italy. My ancestry goes back to Mexico on my Dad's side. In fact, all the way to the Aztec Indians from Mexico City. My dress size is a 1-3. My shoe size is 7. I am a girly girl, some of my personality traits include being outspoken, driven, determined, loving, shy in certain situations, I can also be short tempered at times and kinda spoiled and I demand respect. I love bath and body things like lotions and bubble baths, I love things from Lush. I love sweet smelling perfumes and sexy nighties. I also read a lot I read Dub magazine, Lowrider magazine and Street Customes. I also love to read Muscle Mags like Muscular Development, and Muscle & Fitness. I was not very popular in school I was a cheerleader in Jr. High school. I ran with a group of Loriders called "Los Mafiosos" I was a real lowrider girl with my mary janes and teased up hair my nickname was "La Tweety" and then "La Muneca" I was clicked in like everyone else but I didn't ever get into the drugs or mixed up with jail I was lucky I guess. My parents had enough of it when High school rolled around and made me go to Ray HS instead of Miller HS to get away from that crowd so I droped my mary Janes and changed my ways. I didn't have many boyfriends in Jr. high or High school . I had a couple of crushes on guys who didn't even know I was alive, maybe because my best friend was a natural DD. hum...... (I did the show "From Geek to Sheik" on Jenny Jones).I ran track in High school and loved theater arts. I took ROTC and I wanted to become a forensic scientist after high school. I got a job at 15 at a Mexican restaurant. I always had problems with authority so and ended up giving up school at an early age. I later worked at Denny's Office Max and Barnes and Noble as an accountant. I later got my degree as a Mixologist (LOL) yes you do get a degree for that? Mixologists are qualified to Bartend, so at 17 I started bartending at a hotel downtown in Corpus Christi called Howard Johnson. I liked the job but after the first fight I found out the bartender was also the bouncer..yea right, so I hooked up with this guy who was a photographer and he also worked for Budweiser. We submitted some photo's to them and in no time I was a "Budweiser" Swimsuit and Tejano calendar girl. I has already got a few modeling jobs for JC Penny and Wal-Mart. Modeling mainstream was great but I made some bad decisions and was in an abusive relationship I needed to escape so I needed money and Budweiser wasn't paying. At 17, a few days before my 18th birthday I found an ad in the paper for a modeling job, I decided to check it out and it turned out to be a Gentleman's club called Heartbreakers now the Cabaret. I was really surprised but I wasn't nervous at all! I wound up working there for about 2 years off and on. I also worked at the Palace and Aloha men's club. One day, after thinking long and hard about what I wanted to do with my future, I decided to take the next step into men's magazines! I was first published in Hustler's Beaver hunt. But my first real spread was an artsy black and white for Penthouse in the June 2000 issue. It seems like being naked, whether on a stage, in a crowded club, or in front of a camera just came very natural for me! One night I saw my first feature entertainer (Vanessa Young) at another local club. Wow she was hot and she had costumes and she was classy and did I say she was hot!! I really liked the idea of expressing myself on stage and coming up with a real skit instead of just taking my clothes off. I was sold on that idea and I went for it 1000%. I was very successful in my first year thanks to girls like Dana Leigh and Devon Michaels who helped me out and my agent Ken who got me my first booking and took me to my first pageant, Miss Southern Louisiana which I ended up winning. It was hard in the begining because there was no real Latina's out there doing their thing. I had to push real hard on all the doors getting slammed on my face. But I don't give up easy so I got my head in a good place and surrounded myself with good people, I decided I was gonna blow all those doors down. One year I got sick of people telling me no, so I revamped myself came back and I just went for it. I started reading fitness magazines and my partner at the time got tired of me complaining about the other girls being feature in all the fitness magazines so he suggested I give fitness a shot. I commited to training hard for 6 months with my trainer Jeff Levin in Florida and when I was happy with my look I contacted Michael Stycket, he flew me in for a 4 day shoot. He submitted my photos into Muscular Development where I was published 4 times in one year including a cover and a 13 page spread and I was awarded the D-Cup award. That same year I took the dance circuit by storm and entered 4 of the biggest pagents and won them all. I was crowned Miss Nude International, Miss Nude North America, I won Golden G-string award and won Miss Nude Universe. At the end of the year the industry stood up and took notice that I had accoplished something no one else had or has to this day and my piers voted my Entertainer of the Year, in our industry its the same as winning an Oscar! I decided that I had accomplished all my goals as far as Feature Dancing and I wanted to make a new goal. I decided porn was my next step but for me going out and doing gonzo didn't feel right so I wanted to go to the top and that was Vivid. Vivid is known for signing only the most beautiful girls, and they did Movies with sex and I didn't want to just go out and fuck I wanted to do something that I could be proud of. Vivid gives you the chance to perform as an actress and have sex but in a classy was thay showcase your beauty. With the help of my agent Tony I was able to get a meeting with Steven Hersh. Within 3 hours I was offered a great contract that same day I went n to shoot my promo's. My first movie "So I married a Pornstar" was one of 2 of Vivid's big budget movies. That year I was nominated as AVN's Newcommer of the year and featured on the cover of their Hot up and Comers issue! I was signed with them for 5 years and I had a great time. I did 35 movies for Vivid in the 5 years I was there. I was nominated for Best actress and best performer several times over the years. while doing movies I did take some collage courses to become a PE teacher but I didn't follow through. I think my porn career would have been a problem anyway. Through Vivid I was able to expose myself to plenty of mainstream things I was on Fox's show Skin. I was in the movie " The Girl Next door" I am in the behind the scenes. I did national ad's and Billboards for Pony shoes. I was published in Dub magazine for my ad's with the "Vivid Rims". I was able to go out and sign at some of the Dub car shows and I did a photo shoot for them with Tera Patrick and her Escalade. I was also published in King Magazine, Blender Magazine, Men's fitness, New York Times page 5, Access magazine, Lowrider Magazine, I was the sex colimnist for Girls of Lowrider, my column was called "Ask Nina". I did National ad's for Lowrider Tattoo. I was also one of 4 girls to be featured in Guitar Worlds yearly buyers guide. I did a huge pin-up gallery promotion in NY and did 3 custom paintings as a tribute Vargas. They were later put in the Vivid club at the Venition in Las Vegas. I wrote 2 books one was a self help book called "How to have a XXX sex life" and the other was an erotic Novel called "Day of the Dead." After my contract came up with Vivid I decided I wanted to take complete control of my career. I shook off a bad relationship with a guy (from vivid valley) and really focused on making my life better. I met my now Partner Ray, who is so smart and like me driven. Together we took over my website and I am now my own webmaster. Ray does all the marketing and affiliate work. We formed our own production company called HeartBreaker Films and we now produce our own movies. Larry Flint Video offered to do our distribution which is a big deal. We have shot 3 movies now and they have all been very well reviewed and sales are great! Our last movie Thrust received 5 stars from AVN. We recently started Directing for Hustler with our first movie from the Busty Beauty series called Breast Meat. Now and days Ray and are concentrating on our other internet based company XXX Sex Cash. Under XXX Sex Cash we run, and and a mega site. Ray and me shoot all the content for the websites and work together to make everything we put out the best. I am content knowing that everything I've done I can look back at and be proud of. I have some of the most loyal fans and they keep me on top. I feel like I have come a long way and things are just getting better but nothing was handed to me. I worked hard to get to this piont but I am happy now and I know better things are still to come! I run for my fans and I love interacting with my fans and I am NOT going anywhere anytime soon I am here to stay! Nina